USA Filtration water filter units are backed by a full replacement 60 day warranty

for defects in materials or workmanship. For this warranty to be valid the unit

must have been installed properly and any defective unit returned within 60 days

of purchase. USA Filtration shall in no event be liable for property or

consequential damages caused by a defective unit or improperly installed unit.

Any defective unit returned to USA Filtration after 60 days will only be covered

by the Pro-Rata warranty. 

                                 1 YEAR PRO-RATA WARRANTY

Each Water Filtration unit listed below is covered on a pro-rata basis against

all factory defects. Warranty is for the filter only and does not cover connecting

accessories. Charges are based on the expected life of each system. Actual

effective life will vary based on the rate of usage and quality of the incoming

water supply. Units must be installed on a municipally treated water system

for this warranty to be valid. Units returned to USA Filtration must have a

Return Authorization number and postpaid. 

Model                       Description                             Warranty           Min. Cost         Monthly Cost

USA-25                KDF/GAC   3,000 Gal.             1 year                    $ 30.00            $ 3.00 per month

USA-50                KDF/GAC  10,000 Gal.            1 year                    $ 50.00            $ 5.00 per month

USA-100              KDF/GAC  25,000 Gal.            1 year                    $ 70.00            $ 7.00 per month

USA-300              GAC/         75,000 Gal.            1 year                    $170.00           $25.00 per month

USA 300R            GAC/         75,000 Gal.            1 year                    $170.00           $25.00 per month


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