About USA Filtration

Hello my name is Dan. I worked in the water filtration business for over 20 years. As time passed I eventually decided that I wanted to make the best water filters. 

With very little marketing or business education, I set out to build the best quality filters right here in the USA. I knew all the critical components that are required to build the best water filters money can buy. 

I had worked closely with NSA and their water filtration systems. I know NSA products, especially water filters!! 

USA Filtration was born out of my desire to place quality water filters inside each and every home. While other much larger companies are spending their money on advertising and other gadgets, I spent my time and resources on building the only water filter I recommend to my family. 

Some of you call me and some of you email me, either is fine. Let me know if I can answer any of your questions about water filtration. Some of you have been buying your kitchen water filter from us for over 10 years and I can't thank you enough. You keep coming back because you have found the best Water Filter made in the USA. 

If you can, leave a review on one of our products and let the rest of the nation know the quality of USA Filtration water filters.