How safe is your city treated water?

Have you ever thought about what's in your drinking water? So many people drink and cook with the water that is given to them daily. Why? The reason is because people feel their water is "safe".

The problem with accepting "safe" water is that it's not always the "safest" choice regarding your water quality.

There numerous drinking water quality reports that show results of tests conducted by your own municipality and provided to your state's Department of Environmental Quality. Those reports will show numerous contaminants in your water, however because the "levels" are not high enough, the drinking water quality passes as "safe" or in "compliance". 

As the consumer you have to look at what is best for you and your family and sometimes "safe" is just not good enough. Why? because there are better and SAFER options for you and your family. 

Keep this in mind when choosing a water filter for your family after you have reviewed the quality of your water. You can request that report anytime from your local city clerk. 

  • Legal does not necessarily equal safe or the safest. Receiving a passing compliance grade from the federal government does not mean the water meets the latest health guidelines.
  • Legal limits for contaminants in city treated water have not been updated for years.
  • The best way to ensure clean tap water is to keep pollution out of source water in the first place.

USA Filtration Filters are here to fill the gap in outdated government standards.

The federal government’s legal limits are not necessarily the best choice for your health. This is why USA Filtration has made a commitment to establish protocols in the manufacturing of all our filtration products. We begin with manufacturing every single water filter in the United States. These procedures will ensure that each Water Filter meets the standards to produce the highest quality water, remove unwanted contaminants, and keep your family safe. 

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