Best UnderCounter water filter

Undercounter Water filters are a must have for busy families. The benefits of an undercounter unit are many and some parents are already taking advantage. Others have yet to realize these benefits and find the best undercounter water filter.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits and what you should look for when purchasing a water filter to install under your kitchen sink. 

Do undercounter water filters work?

Of course the undercounter filters work! The location of the water filter will not matter. The main focus should be the quality of the undercounter filter. Filters can be located on the countertop, under the sink, appliance filter, whole house water filter, and sometimes even a shower filter. 

The quality of the components are so much more critical. The KDF and Media in the undercounter filter will determine the durability and performance. USA Filtration has a KDF media that is bacteriostatic which will prevent bacteria flowing into your water for up to 3 years! 

USA Filtration uses coconut carbon media to filter your water and clean it. 

Undercounter water filter that removes fluoride

When searching for an under sink water filter that removes fluoride, look no further than the USA 100 Under Sink Water filter. This filter has a 5 rating for removing fluoride from your municipality treated water. A 5 on the GAC Key is the best rating for any under sink water filter and the USA 100 from USA Filtration has the highest ranking. 

Undercounter water filter for lead

Lead in water is linked to several health issues. Because of these health concerns, many families turn to an under sink water filter for lead. When reviewing the best under sink water filters, we can state that the USA 100 Under Sink water filter has the highest (5) rating on the GAC Key. Compare the USA Filtration's under sink water filter lead filtration components and you will see that not many can compare. 

Undercounter water filter installation cost

The cost to install an undersink water filtration system is going to depend on the components associated with the installation. Many people want a clear cut answer, but we are sorry to say it will "depend" on the size of the unit. 

You see an undercounter water filter installation cost can be lowered dramatically by using the USA Filtration's Under Sink 100 unit. The reason is that this water filter will last up to 3 years and up to 25,000 gallons. Your family will go 3 years without having to worry about or pay for an installation or change of the water filter. There are also no filters to continue replacing every few months. 

Our 100 Under Sink unit has an easy installation to avoid paying a professional high costs. The under sink water filter comes with all the components necessary for a clean and quick installation, including fittings, tubing, and sleeves. This premium water filter will give you the piece of mind for 3 years to come.


The best option for your undercounter water filter is definitely the USA Filtration USA 100 Undercounter Water Filter. You can get it with compression fittings or with quick connect. The NSA Replacement filter will last up to 3 years because of the unique KDF media. 

USA Filtration has been selling filters since 2010 and have proven over time to provide many families with some of the best water filters made in the USA.