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We here at USA Filtration believe that everyone should be looking out for the safety of our Environment. We would like to extend to you an opportunity to join us in our quest to educate everyone on this matter.
The water filtration products that we offer is our way of showing the people that they can make a difference in what happens to our Environment and to their families. 
When you decide to join us as USA Filtration Distributor we pledge to do everything we can to help you succeed. To show our Distributors that we want to help them succeed we would like you to review the following benefits in joining the USA Filtration team.
1. There is no cost to become a USA Filtration Distributor. (Note: 1st purchase must be at the current
    retail or sales price show on our web site)
2. We have put together an optional Distributor package that is a simple as 1,2,3. (see details below) 
3. Our Distributors are free to market our products in the manner they want for their success. 
4. We are here with any questions or concerns that any of our Distributors may have.
5. In order to help our Distributors with their water filter business we will include the $2500 promo with
   each filter that they purchase.
The next step is up to you. If you see the opportunity and would like to join the USA Filtration team then please provide us with the information requested below. Be sure to read the USA Filtration Terms & Agreement and check the box marked "I Agree" before submitting your information.
                      (Distributor starter package - Optional)
Distributor Package: 1  - USA-50 Counter Top water filter  (for show & sell)
                               20 - $1,000 Certificates for Grocery Savings  (a Gift for each Customer you demo)
                               1(set) - Of our $2,500 in saving Gift Certificates  (ships with each water filter)
To get your USA Filtration Distributor account, complete the follow form: