Water for drinking and cooking is fresher, clearer and tastier when you use a water filtration system. Don’t believe us? Here’s an easy test you can use to prove it. Fill an ice cube tray full of unfiltered water from your faucet, and another with a bottle of filtered water from the store. When they freeze, compare the ice cubes. Which one looks clearer and tastes better? A water filtration system can do that from every glass you pour.


Showers and baths can be adversely affected by hard water deposits, leaving your skin feeling raw and red when you’re done/ Hard water can also leave crusty deposits on your shower head, which can clog it if you allow it to spread. Water filtration systems eliminate those issues, leading to cleaner, gentler showers.


Hard water can damage clothes, causing colors to fade and threads to warp. Over time, that will cause your clothes to wear out faster, and look less pleasing after repeated washes. A water filtration system makes your washing cycle more gentle, preserving your wardrobe and helping you to stretch your household budget.


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The way to Pick a Water Filter

Environmental Safety Company (EPA) estimates that VOC’s are located in one-fifth in the nation’s water materials. At high amounts of contact the harmful consequences can be acute (right away unsafe), while lengthy expression contact with minimal amounts can result in long-term wellbeing issues typically impacting the central nervous program. There are lots of substances that qualify as VOC’s, however not all of them are unsafe. Probably most unnerving is the void of knowledge on this topic. There may be very little recognized about lots of VOC’s. Presently the EPA regulates the most common VOC’s located in water. The checklist consists of benzene, one,2-dichloropropane, dichloromethane, tetrachloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, one,2-dichloroethane, trichloroethylene, and vinyl chloride. Never be overwhelmed because of the scientific names. Even though they’re fearful sounding names therefore you would not want contact with any of them, all but one are reasonably easy to get rid of from water having a granular activated carbon (GAC) water filter.

Lead is the most prevalent harmful steel typically located in water, followed carefully by Mercury. Happily Lead is well removed by regular sodium dependent cation water softening and/or granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration. Mercury, in water, is both natural and organic and inorganic and each has to be managed differently. Organic Mercury is readily removed by GAC.


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Estrogens, other human hormones and chemicals which mimic human hormones in tap water is a health concern which none of us should be ignorant of. There is a great deal of concern at the moment about the impact of these hormones found in tap water which experts are saying is not being completely removed during sewage treatment processes, according to an article by the Daily Mail. By drinking water contaminanted with estrogens and other chemicals which mimic estrogens, experts are fearful that this lowers the sperm count in men.

Thankfully this study has provided us with a simple solution to help remove a great deal of estrogens from our tap water. It reveals that activated carbon can efficiently remove 81% or greater amounts of estrogen from wastewater. To fully protect against these types of fertility disrupting hormones, we need to remove our exposure to the hormones in tap water. This includes our drinking water but also our bathing and showering water. A great majority of shower filters and drinking water filters incorporate active carbon as part of their filter mediums. Therefore it is imperative we install an active carbon water filter at all points where we are exposed to tap water which could be laced with estrogen and chemicals which minic human hormones.


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10 Reasons to Use a Water Filter

This may be the easiest post ever, because there are so many good reasons to forsake bottled water and any other unfiltered water forever.

1: Bottled water is evil, and your filtered water will be significantly better quality than that found in 95% of brand name water bottles.

2: Bottled water is evil, and you will feel better about yourself not sending another plastic bottle to sit in a landfill for the next thousand years.

3: Filtered water is significantly higher quality than unfiltered water. Or you can just keep drinking that microscopic sediment and the various other contaminants many of which accumulate in fatty tissues over time.

4: Filtered water is significantly less expensive than bottled water.

5: Did we mention that bottled water is evil.

6: Having filtered water readily available will make it easier for you to drink the proper amount of water each day. I wouldn’t be able to drink 8 glasses of water each day if it tasted like a swimming pool, no matter how good it is for me.

7: Filtered water will make your coffee, tea and other water based beverages taste right. Think you’ve had a good cup of coffee? Not until you’ve made your favorite cup of Joe with filtered water free from chlorine!

8: Filtered water is better for your plants. Do you honestly think your plants like chlorine or methyl tertiary butyl ether?

9: Same goes for your pets, who will definitely love you more. My dog sniffs the water dish with a funny look on her face when the filter is nearing the end of it’s life. They know good water when they smell it!

10: When you entertain, your guests will be more comfortable and feel loved & cared for knowing they are drinking high quality filtered water.


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Climate Change and Water Quality

It’s no secret the world is rapidly running out of fresh water. It’s believed that with the rise of sea levels worldwide, more areas will see an increase in groundwater contamination, particularly in low-level areas. The coastlines are most at-risk since the groundwater will be first to notice contamination. Constant pollution from humans into our oceans coupled with pollution from boats (cruise, fishing, and shipping industries) has led to a massive increase in pollutants. Some of these pollutants, like oil and heavy metals, are known and can be removed from our water supply by simple water filters. However, many more contaminants like pesticides and pharmaceuticals are making their way into our water supply which are not as easily removed.

In addition to groundwater contamination along coastlines, temperature sensitive areas along the equator and at the poles would see the most dramatic change in local climate.


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How Much Less Does Filtered Water Cost Than Bottled Water?

Let’s say that a 20 ounce bottle of water costs about $1.50.  One gallon contains 128 ounces, or 6.4 bottles of water.  6.4 multiplied by $1.50 equals $9.60.  For comparison, cost for a gallon of gasoline is about half that amount.

As you do the math in your head to make sure that I’m right, here’s one more fact that is sure to bug you if you’re unaware:  most bottled water is just from the tap.

Does this mean that the water you are drinking from a plastic bottle is of subpar quality?  Not necessarily.  Most tap water in this country is very drinkable, though there are some contaminants – from chlorine to lead – that we would recommend filtering out to avoid long-term health issues.  Does this mean you are getting ripped off?  Well, remember, that plastic bottle is yours for keeps after you buy it.  As long as you use that bottle to its full potential, using and reusing it dozens of times, you’re getting a great deal.

If you are still reading, you must be one of the millions that just throw away a plastic water bottle when you’re done with it.  This means that yes, depending on how much bottled water you buy, you are probably getting ripped off.


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GAC/KDF Water Filtration

KDF 55 is a patented product representing a new and unique way of water processing medium which by its natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption action reduces and/or removes many unwanted contaminants from water.

KDF 55 medium is a versatile, specially formulated high purity, bimetal material. This product operates as a multifunctional medium which has superior capabilities of dechlorination of drinking water and reduces dissolved heavy metals in water supplies. The dechlorination capacity of KDF 55 medium exceeds that of an equal quantity of activated carbon by over ten-fold.

KDF 55 medium has the ability to control bacteria, fungi, algae and mold .

Patented KDF media consists of a high purity copper-zinc formulation. These substances exchange electrons or bond with chlorine and other metals contained in the water to create harmless substances.

Through this basic process known as redox (oxidation/reduction), KDF works behind the scenes to rid your water of chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide. The redox reaction also inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi. As an added benefit, KDF reduces lime scale, mold, and fungi .

KDF is completely safe and meets EPA and FDA standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water, so the process is not toxic and does not cause any adverse side effects.

Activated carbon has been known as a miracle filter media by many researchers because of its unique ability to  remove offensive tastes, odor, color, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and trihalomethanes (a group of suspected carcinogens). Briefly, activated carbon  acts like a sponge, with a large surface area to absorb contaminants in the water. Many scientists believe this is a result of affinity that these chemicals have for carbon because of Van Der Waal forces. Activated carbon is the preferred treatment and method recommended by the EPA to remove a host of potentially hazardous and possibly carcinogenic chemicals in drinking water. A partial list of chemicals that are reduced or removed by activated carbon are:


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The finest water purification solutions available

Activated carbon can be made from coal, wood, or coconut shell. Coconut shell is the most expensive and effective form. Carbon is “activated” by adding a positive charge, which enhances the adsorption and reduction of contaminants which have a negative charge. The three forms of activated carbon used in water filtration systems are granulated activated carbon (GAC), activated carbon block, and catalytic carbon.

Activated carbon removes impurities, chemicals and contaminants from water through adsorption and a process called catalytic reduction. Contaminants removed include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), herbicides, pesticides, chlorine (which is why water tastes better when filtered with activated carbon), chloramine, radon, and most man-made chemicals.

Activated carbon is not effective at removing heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, dissolved inorganic contaminants or sediment. This is why sediment filters should precede carbon filters, and why KDF media is combined with activated carbon in many quality filtration systems.

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) is more effective when combined with KDF Media as there is a synergy of the two filtration medias that results in superior filtration to either media when used alone. A pound of activated carbon has a surface area of over 125 acres and can adsorb thousands of chemicals.


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Benefits of whole house water filters

Water filter system enables you to have clean water that is essential to your health from your tap. Harmful substances such as giardia or chlorine which can be detrimental to your health are extracted from the water during the filtering process. These substances are risky and can cause diseases like colon cancer and by installing water filter system; you will improve your general well-being and keep you away from such diseases. Additionally, healthy water is essential for your children’s developing immune systems.

Get water with better smell and taste By filtering your water, you will get water with better taste and smell that is free from any contaminants such as bacteria or bacteria byproducts.

Get quality water that is cheaper than the bottled water

Filtered tap water is of the same quality and standard just like the bottled water and is also cheaper as well. Additionally, you will be part of the greater community seeking to preserve the environment by avoiding the usage of bottles which are said to pollute the environment to a great quantity.


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Information on the Filter Media used in your Home

 How much filtration you get is a result of contact time between the water and the filter materials. The solution is to get a water filter with the best and the right filter materials.Below are the filter media most commonly used in our filters.  There are other media we use for specific purposes. All the media in our kitchen canister and whole house filters have been proven effective and are certified by NSF.

Granulated Activated Carbon

Included in kitchen canister, whole house, and some shower, bath and garden filters.

This carbon is made from coconut shell that has undergone a steam activation process to create its activated carbon form with micro-pores. During activation, it creates millions of pores at the surface of the carbon, thus increasing the total surface area.This acid-washed carbon is especially effective for adsorbing or reducing chlorine, disinfection by-products, TCE, PCE, MTBE and other trace level organics.

For chloramine removal, powdered catalytic carbon is used for its superior chloramine removal.  See below.

KDF 55

This is designed specifically for filtering chlorine and water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water.   Removes chlorine and up to 98% of inorganic soluble heavy metals.  It controls microorganisms and reduces lime scale.  It extends the life of carbon.


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