Water treatment and filtration is an important part of our everyday life and it starts with our city’s civic water cleaning system. Our city does the best it can to purify the water that comes into our homes, but there will always be some trace minerals that make it through which results in hard water, especially in San Antonio. Here in our city, we have a large amount of hard water due to our location and the way our water system is set up. Not only that, but it takes large amounts of pressure to reach homes that are on the outskirts, which can result in dangerously high PSI levels for your home plumbing. Luckily, there are ways you can treat your water through certain equipment which will further filter the minerals that have come through.

Some of the benefits of this equipment are as follows:

Our Water – Take a moment and think of all the uses of water in our homes. Not only do we have it for drinking, but we also use it in kitchen for cooking and washing our dishes. Hard water can result in poor tasting water, visible deposits on our dishes, and hard water getting on our food. If you were to take an ice cube tray and fill it with unfiltered versus filtered, you’d see how much clearer the ice cubes are without all the mineral deposits

Our Bodies – This hard water also makes its way to our showers and gets on our skin when we bathe. While it isn’t the same as taking sand and harshly rubbing it against your skin, the minerals can cause visible red spots when you’re trying to scrub hard. In the worst cases, the water can even leave greasy films on our body.

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