Estrogens, other human hormones and chemicals which mimic human hormones in tap water is a health concern which none of us should be ignorant of. There is a great deal of concern at the moment about the impact of these hormones found in tap water which experts are saying is not being completely removed during sewage treatment processes, according to an article by the Daily Mail. By drinking water contaminanted with estrogens and other chemicals which mimic estrogens, experts are fearful that this lowers the sperm count in men.

Thankfully this study has provided us with a simple solution to help remove a great deal of estrogens from our tap water. It reveals that activated carbon can efficiently remove 81% or greater amounts of estrogen from wastewater. To fully protect against these types of fertility disrupting hormones, we need to remove our exposure to the hormones in tap water. This includes our drinking water but also our bathing and showering water. A great majority of shower filters and drinking water filters incorporate active carbon as part of their filter mediums. Therefore it is imperative we install an active carbon water filter at all points where we are exposed to tap water which could be laced with estrogen and chemicals which minic human hormones.


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