You Should Use Filtered Drinking Water

How much water do you drink daily? Do you filter your water? Are you drinking water directly from the tap or are you buying bottled water? These are questions to ponder over when you consider improving your drinking water situation.

Bottled water isn’t much better and it gets costly. A few years ago, “bottled water sales netted 11.7 billion dollars”. Most people purchase over priced bottled water for the convenience and the perception that it is healthier than regular tap water. Most bottled water is straight from the tap, which isn’t necessarily bad since tap water is federally regulated. Bottled water companies don’t have as much required testing.

This is why you really should filter your drinking water. There are several ways to filter water including using carbon and reverse osmosis. There are several retail products you can attach to your faucet that claims to filter water. The problem with most of those is that they may remove the unwanted chemicals and pollutants, but they also remove the minerals and vitamins. Most of them simply don’t work. You really need to take a look at a quality point of use water filtration systems that is going to supply you and your family with good clean water at an affordable price.

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What’s in Your Tap Water?

The water you pour from your tap might look clean and sparkling, but take a closer look and the results might surprise you.  The Environmental Working Group discovered there are hundreds of chemicals in the tap water people are drinking every day. With many homes not having a water purification system, those chemicals are being consumed directly by your family.

The findings of the Environmental Working Group were quite alarming.  Based on their studies, over 1700 systems had levels of arsenic exceeding the EPA’s maximum contaminant level.  Even more alarming was that over 11,000 systems had levels over health guidelines.  These systems serve over 113 million people.  Other chemicals found include chloroform, haloacetic acids, and nitrates.  While in small quantities these are used to help disinfect the water, in large quantities chemicals like these are associated with cancer, DNA damage, and the potentially fatal “blue baby syndrome.” At risk communities like infants and vulnerable populations are at the most risk.

By using a water filtration system, you can keep your family from having to worry about contaminants in the water regardless of whether or not your local water treatment facility is dealing with the issue.

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More Green Restaurants Choosing Filtered Tap Water Over Bottled

While many restaurants love bottled water for the large profit it can generate, many establishments that are trying to promote a more environmentally responsible approach to foodservice are eschewing the bottle in favor of good old tap water.

That’s because, despite the image of purity and freshness that most bottled waters convey, they’re very often no cleaner or safer than ordinary tap water.  And that’s on top of the fact that the bottles themselves create an extraordinary amount of waste.  Add to that all the fuel that needs to be burned to get water from places like Fiji to the United States, and its easy to see why eco-conscious restaurateurs are turning on the tap more and more frequently.

Taste isn’t necessarily a challenge, either.  Today’s filtration systems can effectively and affordably remove any off tastes that may be present in municipal water supplies.  But taste your own water first – in most cases, it’s just as crisp and refreshing as bottled brands.  In fact, many bottled brands aren’t anything other than repackaged municipal water.

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Health Benefits of Filtered Tap Water

If you regularly drink water from the tap, you may have considered whether a water filter could be worthwhile investment for your home.
If that’s the case, you may be pleased to learn that filtered water is more than just a money-saving idea – it also has a number of health benefits that you and your family can enjoy.

Improved digestion.

The digestive system needs a lot of water to function, so it should come as no surprise that preventing an over-absorption of chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride found in most domestic tap water supplies can help to improve your metabolism and the regularity of your bowel movements.

A reduced risk of cancer.

Chlorine has been linked to rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer, so by using a water filter to remove it, you could significantly reducing your risk of developing these diseases.

A reduced risk of gastrointestinal disease.

Due to the removal of cryptosporidium and giardia from your water supply, drinking filtered water will result in a lessened risk of developing a gastrointestinal disease.

Better for child development.

Ensure your children’s immune system is given the best chance possible by giving them the healthiest water possible.

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4 Reasons to Drink Tap Water When You’re Feeling Thirsty

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Tap water contains fluoride. While nearly all naturally occurring water contains some level of fluoride, many Arizona cities ensure water is fluoridated to the optimal level found to help reduce tooth decay.
  2. Tap water is sugar-free. Unlike common sports drinks, water contains no cavity-causing sugars. Don’t believe us? Check the labels of your favorite sports drinks. A standard 32-ounce bottle ofGatorade or Powerade has a whopping 52 grams of sugar! Even VitaminWater has 31 grams of sugar in a typical 20-ounce bottle.
  3. Tap water is environmentally-friendly. Bottled water is a huge drain on the environment, according to The Pacific Institute. The environmental group found that bottled water is up to 2,000 times more energy-intensive than tap water. In fact, the amount of energy used to produce plastic for Americans’ bottled water is enough to fuel more than 1 million cars for a year.
  4. Tap water is more affordable. If you are loyal to bottled-water, chances are good that you’re spending nearly 300 times more than tap-water aficionados. According to an article on, Americans spent an estimated $11.8 billion on 9.7 billion gallons of bottled-water in 2012. This means bottled water costs about $1.22 per gallon. In contrast, a gallon of tap water costs about $0.004.

Convinced that tap water is the best hydrator, but don’t like its taste? Consider buying a water filter that attaches to the faucet. Your water will still taste, well, plain, but it’ll be closer to that bottled water taste you may already enjoy.

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Advantages of Drinking Filtered Water

Whether you’re looking to cut costs on supplying drinking water for your office, or simply want an easy and convenient way to drink great tasting water at home, the decision to drink filtered water instead of regular tap water, bottled water or caffeinated drinks is becoming increasingly more popular.

Here are some of the key advantages of filtered water, for both cooking and drinking:

The contaminants prevalent in tap water are detrimental to its overall taste. Water filters help to remove these contaminants which not only improves the taste, but also improves the odour, bringing out the true richness of flavour when you cook food using filtered water.

Manufacturers of bottled water make a huge markup on their profits. If you drink bottled water regularly, your wallet is sure to benefit in the long run once you make the switch to filtered water. Not to mention, you don’t have to carry the heavy bottles home with you from the supermarket!

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It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but sometime over the past decade or so, the general population of this country formed a belief that bottled water is better than tap water—safer and healthier, too. It is not difficult to figure out where this idea originated. It was with bottled water suppliers. It was pretty ingenious to convince otherwise normal people to pay between 240 and 10,000 times more to purchase water in a bottle than to get it from the supply we’re already paying for that comes out of the taps in our homes.

This may startle you, but it is absolutely true: Tap water is safer than bottled water. How could that be? The reason is simple. The water supply in the U.S. is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under very strict guidelines and rules that are heavily enforced. Bottled water is subject to FDA rules, which are far less stringent. For example, tap water by law requires disinfection. Testing for bacteria must be conducted hundreds of times per month. Bottled water, on the other hand, is not required to be disinfected; the frequency of bacteria testing is fewer than five times each month.

So, the next time you feel thirsty, don’t reach for a bottle. Instead turn on the tap. You’ll be drinking water that is just as safe, or safer, than bottled water and saving money, too. Get the kids to switch and you just might head off big dental bills down the road as well. If you don’t like the taste of your tap water than look into a quality point of use water filter system for your home.

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A Water Filtration System Is Convenient, Safe & Saves You Money

Bottled water companies try to claim their product is a safe and convenient way to ensure you drink enough water each day. We now know this is untrue but fortunately, water filtration systems are widely available and are the solution to the enduring ‘problem’ of accessing clean water. Such a system covers all the issues mentioned above:

  • Cost: Rather than be gouged by a 4,000% markup, you can have an unlimited supply of clean and safe water with a brand new filtration system. Your main investment will be a few hundred dollars and maintenance of the system but it is a long-term guarantee and prevents you from spending thousands of dollars a year on bottled water.
  • Taste: Chlorinated water usually has an unpleasant taste. Your filter system gets rid of the chlorine and other contaminants and allows you get a more ‘natural’ taste. If you’re used to drinking overly-chlorinated water, you will really notice the difference.
  • Safety: The filter system removes the chemicals, THMs and other carcinogens in tap water that threaten your health. As well as getting clean drinking water, your hair and skin also benefit every time you bathe.
  • Convenience: Once you have the system installed, it does all the work for you! Switch on the faucet and you can have as much clean water as you want. This certainly beats running to the store every time you run out of bottled water.

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Why Tap Is Better Than Bottled

1.       Stricter Regulations: Bottled water is regulated by the FDA, and tap water by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA has tighter restrictions and inspection regimens, while the FDA has a less stringent disclosure of consumer information. The FDA is not requiring disclosure of bottled water sources, treatment processes, and any contaminant reports. If your tap water source is public, however, the EPA is required to send an annual water quality report to its residents disclosing this information.

2.       Less Environmental Strain: Research shows that most purchased plastic bottles are not recycled. Apparently, Americans purchase enough bottled water to circle the globe more than 5 times.  Where does it all go?

3.       Lower Cost: Bottled water is estimated to cost 2,000 times more than tap. And this inflated cost is partially due to the plastic encasing bottle, which is often more of a burden to the consumer than a benefit. Tap water is included in your water utility costs, much less costly … almost free.

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Harmful chemical found in tap water of 31 U.S. cities

Millions of Americans in at least 31 U.S. cities could be drinking tap water contaminated with the harmful chemical hexavalent chromium, according to a report released Monday by the non-profit Environmental Working Group.

While the dangerous carcinogen, otherwise known as chromium-6, may sound foreign to most people, perhaps the name Erin Brockovich will ring a bell.

After chromium-6 was discovered in the water supply of Hinkley, California, Brockovich helped bring about a lawsuit that ultimately ended in 1996 with the utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric, paying more than $330 million in damages.  Norman, Oklahoma; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Riverside, California, top the non-profit organization’s list of cities with water supplies contaminated by chromium-6.

So how can you protect yourself? Sutton says your best bet is buying an effective water filter.

“Getting the water filter is a great way to protect yourself and your family,” says Sutton. “It’s a step you can take yourself; you don’t have to wait for government action.”

Samples from the test provided a “one-time snapshot” of water systems that serve 26 million people, the Environmental Working Group said. But the organization said the results show that more federal regulation of the cancer-causing chemical is needed.

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