The Best Home Water Filter System

Most people are worried about the quality of their tap water, with good reason, and want to find the best home water filter system. Tap water is contaminated with chlorine and many other toxins. Because of this, the bottled water industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. But bottled water is really no better than tap water. The regulations that govern bottled water only require it to be “as good as” tap water. There are no assurances or requirements for bottled water to be of any higher quality than tap, and some are even lower quality.

A good in-home water filtration system is by far the best way to get healthy and pure water. It’s also the most economical and convenient.

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Is filtered water better for you?

Did you know that in medieval times people drank ale, mead, or cider instead of water because the water supply was usually dirty? It almost makes being a medieval peasant sound like a sweet deal, until you consider the fact that the life expectancy was around 35 years. Which kind of puts a sobering spin on things.

These days, we’re well aware of how important it is to stay properly hydrated. The body is made up of around 70% water, and it’s recommended that you drink around 8 cups of water per day for optimum health.

So we’re pretty much down with the whole ‘drinking water’ thing. The real question is: do we need to drink filtered water? Is there any benefit in drinking filtered water over tap water?

The short answer to these questions is ‘yes’. Even though water authorities impose strict controls and high quality standards, factors such as old pipes, limescale, and the chlorination process can affect the quality and taste of tap water.Filtering not only gives you better drinking water, it also improves the taste of your food (since water is used in many stages of the cooking process) and it can give you better results when brewing tea or coffee.

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Bottled VS filtered water

Which method do you believe is better way for the cleaning of our water? Is bottled or filtered water, better than the other?

Bottled water is supported in various factors and is not of course a healthier alternative solution or the cleaner one. In comparison of price and quality, bottled water is outrageous expensive from that filtered water. If somebody select only between filtered water and bottled water, filtered water is simply most economic and in a lot of cases, the healthiest choice.

Today, the filters of water provide the better and healthier solution for the problems that are created in the water by the micro-organisms that are included. The filters of water concern more dangerous polluters from each other method of cleaning, and they are unique drawn in order to they function with processed water.

Cleaning water from a filter, costs very least from the bottling of water. Today does not exist better choice, for the cleanliness and the economy from filtered water.

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Why Filtered Water?

The issue of clean water has become too far-reaching for any municipality to effectively manage, which is why it is up to you to ensure you and your family are protected!

Ninety-nine percent of the water in all major cities and towns across the globe is treated primarily for industrial purposes (i.e. toilet water, washing dishes, watering the lawn, and so on).  It is not economically feasible for municipal water treatment facilities to treat all the water to be drinking water quality.  Also, the piping systems that were built to deliver water to our homes are generally old and may allow bacteria and viruses to contaminate pipes after the water has been treated. Replacing them is not economically feasible for most municipalities.

As a result, we need to personally ensure that the water we drink and shower in is free from chemicals, pathogens, disinfection by products and other potential hazards.

Our health is OUR responsibility!!

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The Importance of Filtered Water for Cooking

Most people by now have heard that filtering your water for drinking is healthier than drinking water straight from the tap, this is because the water that comes from your kitchen sink contains impurities. Things like microscopic organisms, and metals from ground wells and from the plumbing pipes the water moves through to the faucet, as well as fluoride and other chemicals used in treating the municipality water provided to consumers, can affect one’s health. There has certainly been no shortage of reports over the controversy about bottled water because of the impact the plastics used in these bottles has on the environment as of late either. However the controversy about the plastic bottles used as containers for water that is bottled and sold as an alternative to tap water has caused confusion about filtered water.

Filtered water for drinking is better than ingesting the impurities in tap water that can cause illnesses from high levels or even lower levels, but repeated exposure to them, or due to a suppressed immune system. For much the same reason the water that is used to cook restaurant foods and the foods you cook at home should also be filtered water. Although many bacterial organisms are destroyed by high temperatures, most foods are not cooked at high enough temperatures and for the duration needed to destroy them all and even with a reduced amount of organisms in water after it has been heated, metallic particles remain and this is not healthy for you or your family, regardless of how small the amount.

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Bottled vs. Filtered Water: Which is better?

Lets weigh the benefits of each…

Bottled water

  • No installation required.
  • Flexibility of location, can be used basically anywhere that power is available and moved on a whim.
  • Tap water quality is not a factor.
  • Water is tested before, during and after the bottling process.
  • May be more cost effective if consumption is low to moderate.
  • No filters to replace.
  • Water coolers will need to be cleaned on a regular basis.*
  • Great to have on hand in emergencies or when water lines are unusable.


  • Installation is required.
  • Access to a water line and power is required; the unit cannot be moved without the assistance of a professional.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • No storage area needed for bottles.
  • Never run out, constant flow of water assuming there is no main line down time or malfunction.
  • May be more cost effective if your consumption is high.
  • Filters need to be changed on a regular basis.**
  • No bottle deposits to keep track of.

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Tap water or bottled water

In Western countries, health and safety standards are typically lower for bottled water than for ordinary tap water. Many claims are made about the healing powers of mineral waters, but the World Health Organisation has found no scientific evidence for any of them – and, despite the marketing images, bottled water can come from very mundane and sometimes industrially contaminated places.

  • Buying bottled water means buying packaging!
  • It also means transporting heavy liquid by road, using far more energy than is needed to supply drinking water through the mains supply.
  • The simplest green approach to fluid on the hoof is to carry an empty bottle and refill it from the tap.
  • Have a safe reusable bottle such as the Green Bottle made from stainless steel.
  • The most certain way to take control of your own water supply is to buy a water filter

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Tap into Better Water

Clean Foundation promotes the consumption of tap water over bottled water whenever possible. Here’s why:

Tap water is generous, never expecting profit in return

Bottled water is 2,000 to 10,000 times more expensive than tap water. In most Canadian cities, where drinking water quality is strictly regulated, one can refill their glass over fifty times with tap water for less than a penny!

Tap refills always give back

Each tap refill saves up to 5L of water that would have been used and/or wasted to make 1L of bottled water.

Tap water fosters community

The more residents that opt out of drinking tap water, the less political support there will be to protect and maintain municipal water supplies.

Tap water is really bottled water in the nude!

Over 40% of bottled water is actually filtered tap water, despite what labels may suggest.

We’re from the same hometown

Tap water comes from a local source while bottled water may be transported from far away…think of the emissions due to unnecessary transportation.

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Why you should stop drinking bottled water

Explore these alternatives to bottled water

As for me, I’m a filtered tap water guy. I have a Contigo bottle that holds about a liter and a half. It’s BPA-free. I typically refill it three times during my broadcasts. I’m saving money everytime I do that.

Now I’ve been reading how industry is adjusting to the increase in people drinking more water. One of the first industries to transition has been the water fountain business. The Wall Street Journal  reports more water fountains are being built with automatic sensors to trigger the water to start filling up your plastic bottle without you having to touch anything.

I know there are scares from time to time with the safety of tap water. But I continue to believe tap water is safer than bottled water because it’s tested many times a day in most municipalities. Bottled water, on the other hand, is only tested several times a year in some facilities.

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Why Every Family Should Have Filtered Water in Their Home

Every parent wants what is best for their children. That’s why we encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables, low fat foods, and to get plenty of exercise. After all, what is more important than ensuring the health of future generations?

One important area that often doesn’t get enough consideration regarding children’s health is the quality of the water they’re drinking. We all know that drinking enough water is very important for good health. However, it’s just as important to ensure that kids are drinking cleaner water free of potentially harmful contaminants.

Here are some of the most important advantages of providing filtered water for your family:

While this might not sound like a health benefit of filtered water, it does pay health dividends. Water that tastes purer and cleaner, without any chemical aftertaste, is more pleasant to drink. If it tastes good, your children are more likely to drink water rather than sugary soda and juice.

A good water filtration system removes many contaminants from your water that treatment facilities may have missed. Remember that water can also become contaminated after it is treated due to low water pressure or cracked pipes, so it is a good idea to filter all your home’s drinking water.

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