Benefits of Using Home Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Reliable, affordable and convenient
Under sink water filters can provide many benefits for you by providing reliable, affordable and convenient filtered drinking water.

Better taste and smell
The drinking water that comes out of your kitchen sink does not taste as refreshing as filtered water.

Removes chlorine and bacterial contaminants
By having a water filter in your kitchen will provide you with drinking water which has filtered out many of the additives of your tap water.

Healthier Life
Drinking clean, filtered water protects the body from diseases leading to a healthier life.

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Here are some benefits of water filtration systems

  • Cleaner water. It sounds obvious, but cleaner, clearer water tastes better and is healthier overall than water straight from the tap. A water filtration system can help you do a little test that proves this point. Freeze a batch of ice cubes using filtered water, then freeze another batch using water straight from the tap. He filtered cubes will look clearer and taste fresher than the ones created from the tap.
  • It’s easier on clothes and skin. Bathing in filtered water can help soften your skin and reduce the roughness and irritation that comes from minerals in unfiltered water. Similarly, clothes that are laundered in filtered water tend to feel softer and last longer than those washed in unfiltered water.
  • It’s easier on plumbing. The minerals and other components in regular tap water can create scaling and cause other long-term damage to your plumbing over time. A filtered water system will ease that strain, extending the life of your plumbing and reducing the risk of expensive repairs in the future.

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Water treatment and filtration is an important part of our everyday life and it starts with our city’s civic water cleaning system. Our city does the best it can to purify the water that comes into our homes, but there will always be some trace minerals that make it through which results in hard water, especially in San Antonio. Here in our city, we have a large amount of hard water due to our location and the way our water system is set up. Not only that, but it takes large amounts of pressure to reach homes that are on the outskirts, which can result in dangerously high PSI levels for your home plumbing. Luckily, there are ways you can treat your water through certain equipment which will further filter the minerals that have come through.

Some of the benefits of this equipment are as follows:

Our Water – Take a moment and think of all the uses of water in our homes. Not only do we have it for drinking, but we also use it in kitchen for cooking and washing our dishes. Hard water can result in poor tasting water, visible deposits on our dishes, and hard water getting on our food. If you were to take an ice cube tray and fill it with unfiltered versus filtered, you’d see how much clearer the ice cubes are without all the mineral deposits

Our Bodies – This hard water also makes its way to our showers and gets on our skin when we bathe. While it isn’t the same as taking sand and harshly rubbing it against your skin, the minerals can cause visible red spots when you’re trying to scrub hard. In the worst cases, the water can even leave greasy films on our body.

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Are There Health Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water?

We have all heard the phrase that the human body is 60 percent water, especially when we are told about the health benefits of drinking water, but what does it really mean? Are we really up to our eyeballs in water? Unlike a glass filled with water, the water in our body is spread out, with two thirds of it in our trillions of cells. The other third is in mucus, digestive juices, plasma, joints, and other fluids like ocular fluids and the fluid that surrounds the cells. So when we are told to drink more water it is not like filling up a gas tank from empty to full; it is more like filling up a sponge that needs to stay moist to do its job.

Without water, we get dehydrated. Mild dehydration is easily overcome by drinking fluids, but severe dehydration can cause weakness, confusion, paralysis and even death. Millions of people die every year from dehydration that is caused by diarrhea. While most people do not get to this point, it is critical that you have an adequate intake of fluid, so your cells are able to function.

There are many ways that the body loses fluids. Respiration causes fluid loss, but things like exercise, sweating, urinating and bowel movements are the largest contributors. In order to replace those fluids, we need to drink something. Filtered water is best because the contaminants that are found in drinking water like viruses, chlorine, chloramines and bacteria are filtered out.

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Installing a home water filtration system can benefit you and your family in may ways. Filtration systems work by catching contaminates as they move through the main water line before they reach your faucets, toilets and appliances. Filters should be replaced in certain intervals to work effectively.

Prevention: Quality water is essential to our health. The body needs water to function, so the better it tastes, the more you will drink! Installing a filtration system is a great way to safeguard the water that your family uses daily. Municipal systems treat water but using a whole house filtration system in your home can protect you from run-off, accidents, or chemicals.

Health Benefits: Using a professionally installed water filtration system can protect you from many harmful things that can be found in your municipal or well water. Some of these include: microorganisms, arsenic, excessive iron, hydrogen sulfide, fertilizer runoff and general industrial pollution. Another concern is chlorine or fluoride in the water. If there is chlorine in the water, it can sometimes be released into the air which can aggravate certain health conditions. Families with children and people with health issues need to feel confident that the water they are drinking and cooking with is safe and healthy. Other health benefits are softer and more beautiful skin and hair. The filtered water reduces buildup on hair follicles and gives skin a “cleaner”, softer feeling.

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How Filtered Water Is Good for You

Drinking water straight from the tap may seem cheaper in the first instance, however, if it makes you ill, this will no longer be the case as you will need to take time off from work and possibly see a doctor. The water that is derived from taps can contain contaminants and approximately 2100 known toxins that are harmful to our bodies and health. Water filters will ensure your drinking water not only tastes better by removing bacteria and chlorine, it will smell more pleasant too and cost less than buying bottled water at the store.

Certain bacteria and contaminants in tap water can cause disease and illness that can be caused by giardia and cyptosporidium, filtered water will remove this bacteria making it safer to drink. By drinking water that is filtered, which has the chlorine and its byproducts removed, you are reducing the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer as well as rectal cancer. By choosing to add filtered water to your home or office, you are making your drinking water and water for cooking safer for you, your family and your co-workers. Because the taste is improved, it is very likely to encourage extra consumption of water which will in turn increase the health benefits.

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How Water Filtration Works

Most filters today are charcoal, or activated charcoal. Charcoal, which is mostly carbon, is the residue of partial burning or destructive distillation of organic material. When special heating or chemical processing is added to charcoal, it becomes much more absorptive, and is then referred to as “activated charcoal”. So a charcoal filter works on the principle of absorption. Large volumes of gases, including most poisonous ones, stick to the charcoal, which is quite porous. (That’s why it’s used in gas masks.) Because it has such a large porous surface area, it absorbs a lot of impurities, making activated charcoal such a highly effective process for filtering water. Charcoal filters are used in icemaker filters, under-counter filters, countertop filters, whole-house filters, and more.

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Drinking Filtered Water has many Health Benefits!

Drinking enough water makes everything function at optimal levels. When we don’t keep our bodies well hydrated they may react with a variety of signals. Some of these include, fatigue headaches, constipation, dry skin. Over the long term, dehydration can affect kidney function, digestion, or blood pressure.

Without ample water intake the pancreas is less efficient, acids in the stomach are not properly neutralized and the functions of the intestines are inhibited. Water is just what the body needs. Not only as a source of energy but also as a vital aid to help cleanse the body and ensure that every cell in the body functions properly.

Filtered water is your best choice, as tap water contains chlorine and possibly fluoride that can cause dire consequences for your health. Some folks add minerals to distilled water and believe it’s the way to go. But for us, the jury is still out on distilled water.

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Water Purification Services Offer Wonderful Health Benefits For Children

Parenting is no easy task, as you have likely discovered in your years of raising children. There are a lot of things for you to consider, the most important of which is your children’s health. Water purification services offer some very important health benefits to children, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Establishes healthy drinking habits: The Association of Childcare Physicians states that children 3 and over should be drinking at least 50 ounces of water on a daily basis. Most adults don’t even reach this level of hydration. Water purification services will help your tap water to taste better, and will make filtered water more convenient to come by. This can help you establish the healthy hydration habits your children need.
  • Removes lead and other impurities from the water: Despite the enormous efforts taken to keep public tap water safe and free from contaminants, there are more than 2,000 toxins and other materials that can be present in average tap water. A home water filtration system can help to sift many of these dangerous and unwelcome items out of your drinking water.
  • Tastes as good but costs less than bottled water: Bottled water is a good way to get filtered water that tastes good. These bottles also help you to keep track of how much water your children are drinking. Investing in a good filtration system will allow you to fill these bottles with the water from your home. It will be as delicious and clean as the water from the store.

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Health benefits of filtered water

  • Filtered water offers a line of defense for your body against over 2000 known toxins and chemicals present in un-filtered water. This reduces the risk of developing gastrointestinal disease by over 33%.
  • Water filters remove chlorine from your drinking water this reduces the risk of rectal, colon and bladder cancer.
  • Clean filtered drinking water is especially important for growing children as it helps create a healthier and stronger immune system.
  • Filtered water provides a clean and healthier solution for cooking, cleaning and drinking.
  • After the contaminants in water are removes, the drinking water will smell, look and taste better as it no longer contains any harmful bacteria.

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