UN: Polluted water killing, sickening, millions ‎

Did you know that more people die from polluted water every year than from all forms of violence, including war? That’s what the UN reported a few days ago, in a study titled “Sick Water.”

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Water filters for Hait

ADA, Mich. (WZZM) – A group of West Michigan companies teamed up Thursday to help survivors in Haiti.

Volunteers at Amway spent their lunch break assembling chlorinator components. The device attaches to a previous water filter made by the team, chlorinating the water to remove bacteria, and then removing the chlorine so it’s safe to drink. Through the device, workers say Haitians will be able to drink water right away.

“We believe that water is vital and to have safe water is important because then you’re not getting sick and you can actually be more productive,” says Dr. Roy Kuennen of Amway. “So we believe it’s extremely important not only for giving back to the community but helping people in Haiti through their disaster.”

Amway, Cascade Engineering, Triple Quest and a safe water group plan to create 1,000 of the systems for Haiti. Amway is also donating 1,500 packets of its Positrim meal supplement to Haiti.

NSA Water Filters